How to build a table in WordPress

All sites have, in the lefthand menu, a link labeled “WP Table Builder”. You’ll use this tool to create tables for your websites that are both accessible, and responsive. A responsive table is one that displays well on both desktop and mobile devices. Let’s build!

  1. Get a Simple Table

Click on WP Table Builder in the lefthand menu. You’ll see a list of tables already made, including one called “Sample Table”. It has a link below it: “Duplicate”. Click the “Duplicate” link.

A screenshot of the WP Table Builder menu, showing "Sample Table" with the Duplicate link underneath circled in hot pink.

This will create a new table in the Tables menu. It will have a small amount of text between brackets under the heading “Shortcode”. Using your cursor, highlight the text and copy it.

Screenshot of the WP Table Builder menu with the Shortcode section circled in hot pink

Go back to your post. Wherever you paste the shortcode in your post, a simple table will appear.

A gif showing the copy paste action for tables in the WP Table Builder

2. Make a Custom Table

You can make fairly complicated tables using the WP Table Builder, where you can fill your cells with lists, buttons, videos, images or rating stars (think: polls).

Click on the WP Table Builder in the lefthand menu, then click the “Add Table” button.

Screenshot of the WP Table Builder, showing the All Tables menu, with the Add New button indicated with a hot pink arrow.

This will open up the WP Table Builder.

First, click on the blank box in the middle of the righthand part of the screen. Next, choose how many rows and columns you’d like on your table. Then click the “Generate” link. Finally, give your table a name, and click Save.

Here’s what that looks like all together.

A gif of the full process of creating a custom table in the WP Table Builder.

When you’re finished, click on WP Table Builder again. Find the name of your table in the list, and copy the bracketed equation under the Shortcode link. Paste it into your post where you’d like the table to appear.

A gif of the copy-paste process for embedding a shortcode of a table in your post.

The table will show up in your post once you hit Publish (or Update, if the post is already published). To make any changes to your table, you will need to go to WP Table Builder, find your table, and use the edit link to make changes. When you save your changes in WP Table Builder, the table will automatically update in your post.

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