Episode 24: Phoebe Chestna and Ben Wimett

In this episode, occupational therapist Phoebe Chestna interviews Ben Wimett.

Ben is a lifelong Vermonter, living down in Brandon, Vermont, with his dog, Pepper. Ben also has cerebral palsy, and works as an assistive technology provider with the Vermont Assistive Technology Project. And Ben’s here to share his stories of navigating Vermont schools (and snowbanks!), how power wheelchairs have changed over the years, and his advice to children with disabilities — and their parents. “The biggest advice I can give you is that if something happens, it’s not your fault. The biggest thing I can tell you is deal with the cards that you’re dealt. And I think the way my family did that is, yeah, I had to do things differently, but if I wanted to do something, we did it.”