Episode 21: Michele Streeter

In this episode, we’re excited to welcome Michele Streeter to the show, to talk with show producer Audrey Homan. Michele Streeter is mom to Ocean and April Streeter, two siblings you met in Episode 20. Michele talks about what it’s been like to provide support and guidance for a child with a disability as they navigate the transition to adulthood, post-secondary education, and independent living.

Michele Streeter is also a Family Resource Consultant for the Vermont I-Team.

Episode 20: April Streeter and Ocean Streeter

Ocean Streeter lives in Hyde Park, Vermont, with cerebral palsy (CP) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). And in this episode, she talks with her sibling, April Streeter, about academic accommodations, independent living, self-advocacy, and the road she’s currently on to becoming a published author.