Student Application Process



Students who are eligible to apply for I-Team support should meet the following criteria:

  • are between the ages of 3 and 22
  • have a complex learning profile
  • have an IEP
  • have an impairment which significantly impacts cognitive functioning and adaptive behavior, and

require intensive, individualized instruction and significant supports to access the general education curriculum.

The I-Team provides Technical Assistance (TA) to teams who are supporting students who have complex learning profiles. A student is considered to have a complex profile when they have needs in multiple areas of development which are persistent, significant, and create impacts across contexts. Students with complex learning profiles have co-occurring medical, physical, cognitive and/or communication challenges and often benefit from support and strategies from a range of disciplines

I-Team in the IEP

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Enrollment Process

I-Team Enrollment Process


  1. Special Education Administrator (SEA) or designee first completes the I-Team’s online Application for Technical Assistance (TA) (linked here). Instructions for completing the application are here.
  2. As part of the application process the student’s current IEP will need to be uploaded. The form is not able to be submitted until the IEP has been uploaded.
  3. If the student is new to the I-Team, a Parent Permission Form (linked here) will need to be signed to give consent for services and release of records. Returning students’ parent permission forms are valid year after year unless the parent specifically revokes that permission.
  4. The online Application will have a place for uploading the IEP and Parent Permission Forms so they are all submitted together. Once accepted electronically, the set of documents is confirmed as complete by the I-Team Enrollment Coordinator.
  5. Submitted records are assigned to a regional educational consultant (REC) in our online database based on their location and age.
  6. A Consultative Services Agreement (copy here) is sent to the SEA at the address provided in the Application. This outlines the financial agreement associated with the I-Team services.  
  7. When the signed Agreement has been returned with the student is officially enrolled for I-Team services.
  8. The REC is now able to communicate with the liaison and arrange for the initial intake meeting. The REC will act as the point person for the teams’ communication with the I-Team for the year.

Helpful Links for Next Steps

  • The I-Team services should be captured in the IEP once the enrollment is complete. See the linked document “I-Team in the IEP” for guidance on the process.
  • See the “Getting Started: Intake” section of the website to learn about the initial meeting(s) and the TA Service Plan that results.
  • Look at the Technical Assistance sections to see much more about the types of services the I-Team can provide and the range of topics where we can provide support.
  • If the student’s application was submitted after the regional educational consultant has reached caseload capacity they may be entered onto our waitlist. Please read more about that process here.

Application Instructions

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