Episode 25: Adrienne Miao and Matthew LeFluer

Adrienne Miao interviews Matthew LeFluer, a self-advocate with autism. Matthew works extensively on committees with disability organizations and the State of Vermont — including the CDCI Community Advisory Council. Matthew has a lot of experience with disability service systems in Vermont, and he has a lot of advice for how to make those systems work better.

Episode 16: Adrienne Miao and David Frye

David Frye is a gay Vermonter with disabilities. In this episode, he shares some of the struggles he’s gone through to find long-term employment and sustainable housing, as well as the strategies he’s used to be successful. From his childhood in rural Barnet, Vermont, to hosting his own public access show, “Prideability”, David shares his journey, and his advice to other people with disabilities.

Episode 14: Adrienne Miao & Michael Shor

In this episode of our podcast, CDCI Community Services Coordinator Adrienne Miao connects with Michael Shor. Shor is an autistic psychologist, an advocate for people with autism, and a member of the CDCI Community Advisory Council.