Episode 25: Adrienne Miao and Matthew LeFluer

Adrienne Miao interviews Matthew LeFluer, a self-advocate with autism. Matthew works extensively on committees with disability organizations and the State of Vermont — including the CDCI Community Advisory Council. Matthew has a lot of experience with disability service systems in Vermont, and he has a lot of advice for how to make those systems work better.

Episode 21: Michele Streeter

In this episode, we’re excited to welcome Michele Streeter to the show, to talk with show producer Audrey Homan. Michele Streeter is mom to Ocean and April Streeter, two siblings you met in Episode 20. Michele talks about what it’s been like to provide support and guidance for a child with a disability as they navigate the transition to adulthood, post-secondary education, and independent living.

Michele Streeter is also a Family Resource Consultant for the Vermont I-Team.

Episode 14: Adrienne Miao & Michael Shor

In this episode of our podcast, CDCI Community Services Coordinator Adrienne Miao connects with Michael Shor. Shor is an autistic psychologist, an advocate for people with autism, and a member of the CDCI Community Advisory Council.

Episode 8: Alan Kurtz, Nicole LeBlanc, and Bryan Dague

On this episode of the podcast, CDCI Research Assistant Professor Bryan Dague is joined by Alan Kurtz, PhD, and Nicole LeBlanc.

Dr. Kurtz is a long-time researcher in employment issues for people on the autism spectrum.
LeBlanc is a self-advocate, on the autism spectrum, who brings her lived experience of finding employment to the discussion.

And Dr. Dague is also the project coordinator of the Supported Employment project at CDCI.