Episode 26: Long COVID and the Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL)

In this episode, executive director Jesse Suter talks about Long COVID with Krista Coombs and Kate Larose. Krista and Kate both work at the Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL), and both of them have firsthand experience of being, being with, and supporting COVID “Longhaulers”. (‘Longhauler” is a nickname for people with Long COVID). The three of them talk about changes in disability equity and healthcare in Vermont as a result of the COVID pandemic, as well as some of the work VCIL has been doing to support people disabled by COVID.

Episode 9: Kaitlin Northey and Valerie Wood

On this episode of the podcast, CDCI Research Assistant Professor Valerie Wood is joined by early childhood education professor Kaitlin Northey.

Wood and Northey are two of the three authors of a recent study on suspension and expulsion in early childcare education settings across Vermont. They talk about why the study was necessary, what they found, and how comparing Vermont’s data to that of Colorado and Arkansas helped them determine a larger portrait of how suspensions and expulsions in these settings affect Vermont families.

Episode 4: Winnie Looby & Kinda Abujbarah

Dr. Winnie Looby and Dr. Kinda Abujbarah connect briefly about Dr. Abujbarah’s experience with cerebral palsy and how it led her to travel from Amman, Jordan, to the United States to pursue greater educational opportunities — and how COVID-19 has impacted opportunity at universities.

“I wrote my whole dissertation with a typist in another state. So, technology and being able to work remotely, I’ve been doing that since before COVID, but I thought COVID might open more opportunities for me to work remotely.”