WORKSHOP: Communication and Co-Production with Relatives and Carers in a Changing World

Hosted by: Rachel Wright

An interactive, engaging and supportive workshop for parents of children with additional needs.


Parenting a child with disabilities can feel like another world. It’s a unique kind of parenting roller-coaster which can take you to higher highs and lower lows. These workshops are based on lived experience and use evidence and research to navigate the complexities of parenting a child with additional needs.

Download the workshop flyer (.pdf)

Interview with Rachel Wright

In this episode of the CDCI podcast, renowned early intervention nurse / complex needs parent Rachel Wright joins Pamela Cummings, from the CDCI Early Intervention project. They cover Wright’s journey from medical professional to mother, and specifically what she’s learned from being the mother of three sons, one of whom is a child with disabilities and complex needs. What can other parents learn about negotiating the journey through the medical jargon maze? And how can medical professionals be better partners to parents and other family members? Pamela Cummings, M.Ed., PT, coordinates the Vermont I-Team Early Intervention project.

The “CDCI Connects” podcast is a series of conversations about disability and inclusion, by and with people with disabilities, and their family members, educators, and medical professionals.

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